About Me

Agrawal Prakhar

I am an undergraduate student at CSE, IITD. I am a tech enthusiast trying hands on scripting and computer automation, dev in C++/Java, Parallel programming paradigms and Data Science. Life is a continuous learning process, so work makes me more rigorous, travel makes my life more colorful. I enjoy trying out new things, food and ways of living life. I mostly code or travel.

My Career

Goldman Sachs Inc, Bengaluru

Worked as a Data Engineer (Analyst) to develop a high volume - low latency data ingestion pipeline. Learnt to reason about semantics of distributed systems, their fault tolerance, resiliency and their consistency trade offs.

May 2017 - July 2017
Data Engineer

Aalto School of Science, Finland

At Aalto, I learned about some state of the art ML techniques and developed a Graph Neural Network model to predict atomic charges in a molecule. (see git profile)

Jun. 2016
Research Assitant

System Administrator at CSE, IITD

In System Administration, I started to deal with servers, Linux systems, various network services and using scripts to manage massive departmental infrastructure.

Sept. 2015 - May 2018
Dev Ops

Vdo Cipher

Worked on creating REST apis for data on video analytics. Also, indexing the largely unstructured MongoDB database for quick querying mechanism was another major part.

Jun. 2015

IIT Delhi

Now I am at IIT Delhi trying out my hands on Data Science techniques and how parallel computing can be put to use in data mining and web intellignece.

Apr. 2016
Undergraduate Studies

My Projects

Graph Neural Network

Graph Neural Network is a machine learning model that creates a graph of simple neural networks and analyses problems that can be framed as graphical model by their nature. It allows to apply the sophisticated neural network model to variable number of inputs and produce a single output based on graph or variabel number of outputs, one at each node.


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Grievance Resolution System

Grievance Resolution System is a generic complaint system that is largely scalable because of use of RESTful apis. The repository links to an android client for the system. The complaint system can be used at large variety of organisations and is based on group based user management for better functionality